Da <strong>Vision</strong>

Da Vision

Da <strong>Mission</strong>

Da Mission

Da <strong>Reunion</strong>

Da Reunion

Voter Registration NY State

Voter Registration NY State Election date General election – Nov 3 Registration deadline Oct 9 Absentee voter deadlines Application by mail – Oct 27 Application in person – Nov 2 Submission by mail – Nov 2 Submission in person – Nov 2 Early voting Begins – Oct 24 Ends – Nov 1 https://portal.311.nyc.gov/article/?kanumber=KA-03252

Da Hill Celebrates Black History

Build the Block

Here is the Video of our first Community Forum!

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to lovingly lead family and friends from Da Hill, back to Da Hill. To reunite, reconnect, and reclaim our love for Da Hill. To encourage all to be confirmed, committed, and contributing supporters of Da Hill. 

Our Vision

To be a community that fosters the growth of our children, respects the diversity and humanity of residents and non-residents, and looks towards our elders for the resilience and strength to move forward in power.