da hill reunion flyer 2021

Da Hill Reunion 2021


Da Hill Reunion is a 3 day-long event for the preservation of the community of St. Nicholas Terraces’ culture and history in Harlem. Presented by the former and current residents, this year will feature entertainment, food, community leaders, educators and activists. For many the participants, the historic Harlem community was where an array of subcultures […]

Build the Block

Build the Block

2021/02/18 17:50

NYPD 26th PCT (Sector C) – Build the Block Meet your Neighborhood Coordination Officers Discuss you Public Safety Concerns Thursday, February 18, 2021 – 5:30pm United Pentecostal Church 541 West 125th St., New York, NY 10027 Hosted by: PO Tavares & PO Ulses   For Accommodations Contact: SGT Bautista (212) 678-1355

Da Hill Community Forum

2020/10/20 18:30

Da Hill Community Forum Representative Inez Dickens State of Our Community: -Voter Support & Information -Tenancy Awareness- Relief & Resources -Small Business Resources -Community & Neighborhood Empowerment in the current social climate NYPD 26th Precinct Community Affairs- Neighborhood Community Officers NYPD Legal Representatives- Local law update Local Educators- Bookends & The Digital Divide Voter Information- […]

Voter Registration NY State

Voter Registration NY State Election date General election – Nov 3 Registration deadline Oct 9 Absentee voter deadlines Application by mail – Oct 27 Application in person – Nov 2 Submission by mail – Nov 2 Submission in person – Nov 2 Early voting Begins – Oct 24 Ends – Nov 1 https://portal.311.nyc.gov/article/?kanumber=KA-03252


Da Hill “Paradise Garage Party”

2020/09/25 19:00

Greetings to all, Let’s relive the glory days of one of New York’s most influential clubs, the Paradise Garage ! Honoring the legacy of DJ Larry Levan and the music…our joyful party will bring together generations of partygoers. Let’s turn back time and get down. Y’all remember…at the Paradise Garage, nothing was more important than […]

Da Hill Supports Stacy Thomas and Sickle Cell

2020/09/10 09:00 Harlem

I recently accepted the challenge of participating in 22nd SCTPN Walk. This year due to the Convid 19 we will be hosting the Walk on Zoom. The Sickele Cell Community is in need more so now then ever. I am asking you to help by supporting my fundraising efforts with a donation.  Your tax-deductible gift […]

Da Hill Meet & Greet

2020/08/21 08:00 Harlem

Friday Meet & Greet ( 4pm- 9pm EST) via Zoom Music by Malak Williams Opening Statement: Theo (4:15) Event Opening Prayer- Pastor Shon Adkins (4:30pm) Welcome- Da Hill Reunion Committee (4:40) SnS to Play late Night Main Room- Da Hill Family Tree (Photo loop with Music/Narration- Request: Star Power Collective) History of our Da Hill […]



Da Hill Reunion Events This year’s Reunion (2020) Will be held virtually due to Covid! We will Host a watch party on Facebook hosted by Travis O’Neil Theo Berry.

Saturday Hangouts

2020/08/22 01:00 Harlem

Saturday (12pm-5pm EST) Music by Da Hill Djyas History of our Neighborhood Entertainment/ Music: Past, Present, Future (Narrators/ Bill Toles) Various DJ’s with Intro (Request: LA Sunshine/ Easy Lee) – 60 minutes for each DJ SnS, Craig G Webstar Star Power Collective 60 minutes – Da Hill Retrospective Easy Lee Music Engineer Legendary D.Jays Treacherous […]

Da Hill Brunch Party

2020/08/23 08:00 Harlem

Sunday Brunch Party (1pm-5pm EST) via ZOOM Main Room SnS/ Various DJ’s- 1:00pm- Ongoing Prayer by Pastor Shon Adkins – 1:15pm Da Hill Safety and Our Future: Stacy Thomas / Theo & Detective Harper- 1:30pm (:30 Presentation/ :15 Q/A) – Community Empowerment Policing & Personal Safety – Sector C Representative Neil Travis Theo Berry – […]

Da Hill Recap

2020/08/24 16:00 Harlem

Today we re-capp the weekends events and plan for next years Reunion!