Story of DA Hill

There is a momentum that is consistent and permeates through all things. This momentum moved through a place we called Da Hill. A neighborhood of families with so much energy they could provide the planet with a resource to power it for eons and must possibly will. We have moved on the concept of the whip. Not the weapon used the move stubborn animals but the concept of the amusement ride. The idea that inertia created enough energy to move forward then to whip its counterparts forward and creates a cycle, a centrifuge of energy. This energy was produced by Store Owners, Film Makers, Politicians, Musicians, Athletes, Entrepreneurs and a list of many others.
For over 70 plus years, maybe longer, this enclave of apartment buildings with multiple entrances and egress, allowed for many influences but more often nourished others outside of our neighborhood and drew them like bees to flowers. This nourishment provided a safe haven and cultivated a league of strong and determined young men and women to build and give back to the community that loved them so much!


Da Youth

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Da Hill Meet & Greet

Da Hill Reunion

In the tradition that we’ve established over the past many years….


The purpose of this event is to: 

• Maintain our family and neighborhood connections 

• Celebrate our unique history 

• To honor those that have carried the traditions of Da Hill to other parts of the world 

• To pay homage and respect to our ancestors, our family members that inspired us to live our best lives 

• Educate our children about the history of Da Hill 


25th Street Rakim Video Shoot


Men of Da Hill


Women of Da Hill