Frank Venable

Da Hill was always known as a neighborhood of Entrepreneurs, Entertainers Sport Figures. Business ownership is in the blood of our community. The spirit of ownership runs deep and flows heavily on Da Hill. We had dry cleaners bars, ice cream parlors, clothing stores, candy stores, restaurants, meat markets, liquor stores, grocery stores, game rooms, pool halls, vegetable stands, beauty parlors and that’s not even mentioning all the after hour spots that littered the block.

Some of our notable Entertainers are, The Treacherous 3, Fearless Four, Doug E. Fresh, Oran Juice Jones, Me’Shell N’dechello, Kid Creole, Mr. Eugene of Jive Five, Johnny Copland, Moe Dee, L .A. Sunshine, DJ SnS, Web Starr, Spoonie Gee, Bill Toles of Living Color to name a few!

Some of our entrepreneurs that are no longer with us include Mr. Forte, Teddy Lewis, The Venable Brothers, The Chapman Brothers, Jack Harvey, George, Mr. Paul, Mr. Chink, The Levy Brothers. We also recognize Gary aka Bat, Nap, Boots and many more!

We are happy that generations continue to pick up the mantle of entrepreneurship and carry this legacy into the future, Even though we don’t have access to some of the store fronts and ares once run by us we have been able to continue to impact Da Hill with knowledge love and the willingness to continue to build with one another. The Reunion is how we show our unity and our love for what raised us.

Thank you to all that came before us and continue to be the spirit the drive us! Below you will find a list of those individuals and their companies. Support those that look like you and do for you!